Over the past decade I have worked extensively with brands, agencies and individuals, from start-ups to global companies. My goal is to provide a solution aligned with a client's ambitions while meeting their technological needs.

The internet is the greatest common denominator, where wealth is not exclusively reserved for the few.

My services include:

— Headless E-commerce

— Mobile App development

— Business logic for startups

— Creativity for advertising campaigns

— Animation with code

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Headless ecommerce for Moleskine

Sanity studio

Scenarios in which I could help

+ You are ready to start selling online

+ You already have an actual store, but want to offer your customers a better shopping experience

+ You don't want to rely on Shopify apps to solve all your business needs

+ You want a CMS that enables you to create product pages that have strong SEO capabilities

+ You want to bring order to your knowledge base using Structured Content

Music section

What gives you the edge?

Of course the internet is a big place, and chances are good that you'll end up saying something rather similar to what everyone else says. That is kind of inevitable. But it's worth trying to say something new. How would you like to share your uniqueness with the world?


Cultivate concentration, temper the will, make yourself a force by thinking, as innerly as possible, that you are indeed a force.

A little bit about myself

I am an engineer. I create fun, innovative, accessible, and fast websites. I am passionate about breaking challenges down to their parts and overcoming them one by one using logic. I love viewing processes as functions that take certain inputs and deliver useful outputs.

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