How do I boost the gig economy around me?

Ideally through meaningful and helpful connetions among my close network at the begining. I recognize a number of activities and services I would be interested to offer on an hourly basis: anything from dj mixing, UX design and software development. Many of my friends and Instagram followers have a skill or skillset that could easily list using HeyBud. There's this guy who gave me a back massage on day, my friend Miguel could take you to discover the best hikes around BC.

What are the features that I could put together in order to acheive this?

> Register and login

> Profile creation

> Gig posting / gig proposal

> Feed with gigs

> Feed with workers and their skillset

> Booking and availability features (not really essential for the MVP)

Kitsilano Job Board

> Seniors companionship
> Front of the house
> Servers for pop up events (my local photographer has a local for this)
> Ad production in house, video, photo, and training at the same time

> Restaurant photographers for shareable content
> Ad spaces inside the website
> Sound system events

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