Portfolio With Selected Projects 2022

I feel like having a place where I could dump all the challenges and knowledge I collected throghout the journey.

I recently added features for customizing products to the new Moleskine eCommerce site. I helped them switch from a traditional Shopify template to a new Headless solution, as a result some of the Apps they used previously are no longer available in this new context. At first, this may seem like a drawback, and perhaps this prevents some merchants who rely heavily on Shopify Apps from embracing Headless eCommerce. It is well known that the use of too many apps inside your store will impact the performance of your website and will slow down the entire experience. 

The form I created allows the buyers to enter a text, a position, and a color for the text they want on their new notebook's cover. Since not all products can be customized in this way, I made this form optional within the admin panel where they manage the details at product level.

Next, I want to convince them to adopt a better blogging experience by shipping content in the form of blog posts with embeded products that the reader could add to the cart without leaving the post while they are reading.

I am in the process of creating a shopping experience that allow my clients to pick features they want for them while reading my portfolio, this is as simple as an add to cart button that holds the details about especific functionality such as login, pasword protected routes, partial protected routes, parallax animation, animated hero sections, text animation, and even entire landing pages.

Here I have to break down a couple of the brojects I have built in the past. I could start by butchering King Tote. Then I could move and include a way to sell Stripe onboarding processes, Hydrogen implementations, and of course, some of my favourite records. This could be interesting for my favourite producers like Andy Hart, Molly, Levon Vincent, Moxi, and moore.

Find the the source code from King Tote, Holcim App, WorkShift and GoFIle.

For this I need to pair portfolio projects with products in the form of features. They come with an estimate as well as details about deployment, and technology stack. If the project is right I might want to invest in it.

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